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6 things to do before moving to Singapore

Moving to Singapore is a very exciting and rewarding experience. You are of course eager to start this new adventure alone or with your family. But to avoid that the dream turns into a nightmare once you arrive, there are a few things you must absolutely prepare before the big departure.

A new country means new rules, new legislation, a new education and health system, etc. So many things that you need to be well informed about in order to move with peace of mind. and the 6 reflexes to have before taking the plunge!

1.1 Obtaining a visa before moving to Singapore
This is the first step before thinking about settling in Singapore.

If you wish to work in Singapore, you will absolutely need to be in possession of a valid visa specific to the type of your work contract. For example, if you wish to work as a senior executive, you will need an Employment Pass (EP), an entrepreneur will need an EntrePass, a student coming to Singapore for an internship will benefit from a Working Holiday Pass (WHP) etc.

For more information about work visas in Singapore, please visit the Ministry of Manpower website.

Remember to take the necessary steps before your departure, no contract can begin without a valid visa in Singapore!

2. Finding accommodation in Singapore
Once you are sure that you can work, you need to find an accommodation to settle in Singapore! Rents in the city-state are particularly high: up to 190% more expensive than in France. On average, a one-room apartment in the city center will cost SGD 2,800 (€1,800) per month. A three-room apartment can cost up to SGD 5,300 (€3,300) per month.

There are three main categories of housing:

HDBs: the equivalent of the French HLM, representing 85% of the housing stock.
Condominiums: private buildings with services such as swimming pools, gyms, janitor etc., which represent 10% of the market.
Single-family homes: reserved for Singaporeans and permanent residents.
The real estate market is certainly higher but it is less sclerotic than in France. You will have no difficulty in finding a house in a short time once you arrive in Singapore. Real estate agents are very reactive and you will not need to put together a rental file like the one required in France.

There are many Facebook groups that publish various rental ads. For the most daring among you, you can move into your apartment as soon as you arrive without necessarily having visited it first.

Be careful not to be fooled: some landlords take advantage of the fact that tenants are foreigners to rent them properties at abusive prices. To avoid this, simply go to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) website, select the apartment you are interested in, and look at the monthly transactions for your building to see if you are paying more than your neighbors.

3. Getting a driver’s license in Singapore
Moving to Singapore is great. Being able to drive there is even better! Singapore is very well served by public transport (bus, MRT etc.). However, if you wish to drive during the 12 months following your arrival in Singapore you have two options:

you can drive with your foreign license if it is translated into English. Note that the translation must be legalized by your embassy.
you can drive with a valid international license. Consult the French public service website for the steps to take to obtain it.
After this 12-month period, you must convert your driving license into a Singaporean license. To do so, you must pass the local driving test called the Basic Theory Test (BTT). Once you have passed this test, you can apply to the Traffic Police Department to convert your license.

4. Make sure your children will go to school
Moving with your family is a challenge, and the question of your children’s schooling quickly arises once you are settled in Singapore.

Singapore is a country where the quality of education is recognized in both the private and public sectors.

Enrollment in a private school is not guaranteed, the number of places is often limited and the selection process is difficult. Be careful to evaluate the cost. In addition to the tuition fees, you must add all the extra costs such as school transportation or canteen.

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