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Trust a mover who specializes in the assembly and reassembly of USM Haller furniture

The USM Haller brand offers a wide range of furniture with a renowned design for office furniture. Recently, it has diversified to offer a wider public (outside of the professional sector) timeless furniture in all forms. Each piece of furniture has an exceptional design and is made with high quality materials. It is therefore preferable to take care of them and not to damage them during a move for example. In fact, to ensure the longevity of such furniture, it is sometimes preferable to hire a specialist who can dismantle and reassemble a USM Haller piece of furniture.

When should I call a furniture assembly/disassembly specialist?

Generally, whether it is for USM Haller furniture or not, there are several steps where it is worthwhile to call in a furniture assembly and disassembly specialist.

Whether it is for a company or a family move, it is useful to call on a furniture assembly and disassembly specialist. Moreover, if he is also a mover, it is an additional advantage.

An office reorganization may also require the presence of such a specialist. This way, you don't risk damaging your USM Haller or other furniture.

Finally, in case of change of furniture, a dismantling of furniture can make it possible to resell them in perfect state and to decrease the budget of renewal of furniture.

4 advantages

to call on a USM Haller furniture assembly specialist

It has the necessary equipment

Too often, when we want to assemble a piece of furniture ourselves, we are confronted with the lack of tools. Indeed, depending on the brand, it is necessary to have this or that key. The specialist has all the necessary equipment to assemble and install your USM Haller furniture.

It respects the standards of assembly

An expert in assembly or disassembly will allow you to build the brand furniture without damaging it. This is a plus, because he is used to assembling USM Haller furniture and respects all the specific instructions and standards for assembly.

Quick and efficient assembly

With the help of a specialist, you use your time for useful things. You don't have to waste time trying to figure out how to assemble a piece of furniture. The professional will have a piece of designer furniture assembled and delivered to you in record time. This way, you can either do something else or start your business faster thanks to the shortened installation time.

No unpleasant surprises at the end

Finally, trusting a specialist ensures you against unpleasant surprises. He or she has the skills to avoid any problems with breakage or poor workmanship. You are guaranteed a piece of USM Haller furniture that has been assembled without any hidden defects or problems related to assembly or reassembly.

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By trusting an expert in the assembly and reassembly of USM Haller furniture, you can be sure that you will get a piece of furniture that is functional, in good condition and well assembled.

Qualidem Déménagement, based in Switzerland, has experts in the assembly, disassembly, reassembly of furniture of the brand USM Haller. With its teams, you have the certainty of a quality work.

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