Qualidem Déménagement can pack all your belongings in boxes in a professional way with an optimal result

This is an additional service.

If you would like to do this yourself, here are some tips:

Opt for small boxes for packing heavy objects such as books, CDs, paper etc.
Do not hesitate to distribute the weight in the boxes

 For example: books on the bottom and bubble wrap or plastic knick-knacks on top.
It will be easier for you to move them when you unpack.

About the dishes, here is how to proceed:
Also opt for small size boxes, Approx 60-50 cm, the contents will be safer.
Put paper or a layer of bubble plastic at the bottom of the box,
Wrap 🙄eh yes .. plate by plate with large sheets of paper (Newspaper or professional moving material)
Arrange them on edge along the carton, and carefully call out on each side, and on top before closing the carton, crumpling up sheets of paper.
Plates should not be too tight, nor with space between them.
The difficulty is in the right balance

How do you know if you have done it right?

Shake the cardboard lightly
If you don't hear any noise or slightly the one of the paper, it's ok!
If you hear plates clattering you can 🙄eh yes ... take the packaging back.

About the glasses:
Also choose small boxes, be aware that there are special boxes with glass crosspieces, however you can opt for a cheaper solution
Absolutely know!: The light at the top and the heavy at the bottom, not the other way around😨
The glasses must be carefully packed one by one

Insert crumpled sheets of paper into the spaces, so that the contents are not squeezed

There you go ... Bravo ! You have done your worst.

About the wardrobe boxes, Qualidem Déménagement provides them for free on the day of the move, no need to worry about it,

There are two solutions depending on your preferences:
If you prefer to handle your clothes yourself, the mover puts the box in front of the wardrobe
If you want him to take care of everything, simply leave the clothes hanging on the rods, and the mover takes care of picking them up and putting them back in the wardrobes at destination. Simple no?☺️

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