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A professional commitment

Why use a moving company?

Moving is a matter to be taken with the utmost consideration. Moving from one place to another requires certain requirements. While moving your belongings, many questions may come to mind. At the same time, you have to think about fragile goods and objects of sentimental value. To remedy these fears and to move in all serenity, you would make the best choice by calling the professionals. We put at your disposal, a dynamic and experienced team to ensure the movement of your goods from one place to another.

Qualidem Déménagement's advantages:

Packing - boxing

For the most fragile objects, our personnel proceeds with delicacy to their arrangement. The team sent on site ensures the smooth running of the work. The most fragile items are gently stored in their own dedicated packaging. As for the less delicate items, they find a suitable place in the pile. We provide you with boxes of different sizes. These are chosen according to the volume and height of the object.

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The tasks are coordinated for a more secure finish of the effects. In this way, the different accessories do not collide. The moving truck takes care of the transport and at the arrival, no damage is noticed. We have the skills to arrange the different objects in an orderly and fair way. The team places the objects according to given standards. The accessories are placed according to size, value and especially fragility to avoid any damage.

Overseas removals

You can also consider moving by sea. It is a service in the ropes of the many services we offer. This type of move requires the intervention of an expert in the field. Our team knows how to use the required skills to accomplish this task with brio. The shipment of belongings in a container is done with surgical organization. Not all moving companies have the right tools for this kind of task.

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Qualidem uses sophisticated material to cover and protect the customers' effects. Since these objects must be transited by sea and especially in container, they deserve a particular care. The covers used within this framework are furniture packagings in "Bullekraft". This type of packaging safely preserves the various accessories to be shipped in containers to other shores. You will not notice any scratches when unloading the lots.

The chairs are protected with the same type of packaging. This time, the covers are reinforced to strengthen the security of the chairs. That's why we use a double layer of bubble wrap to wrap the chairs and other such items. In this way, you can recover your belongings without any scratches once they reach their destination. The quality of our services on guarantee funds allows us to transport the effects to any overseas destination.

Packaging of works of art and antiques

We also think about the value of your artwork during the move. These paintings and other representations deserve an airtight protection during storage.

We want to return every item to be moved for you in its entirety. In this case, no need to worry, the team takes care of everything. Depending on the paintings or other items, we use suitable packaging. This avoids damaging the precious goods.

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Our team uses several types of packaging to keep artworks safe in transit. Some objects of this size simply require cardboard packaging. Other works of art require special attention. That's why we have custom wooden crates made for you. Professionals in the field do not pack works of art by chance. This technique is used according to the needs.

Remember that the packaging used is chemically neutral. Whatever the means of packaging, it does not affect the works in any way. In addition to custom-made wooden crates, we also use polyethylene wedges and anti-humidity silica beads.

All in all, you will not have any damage on the paintings and other works to move.

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