Corporate Relocation

planning, preparation, transfer of your business

Optimal logistics for your professional move

Don't improvise your business move and call on a professional removal company. Our team of experienced movers is specialized in the transfer of industrial goods, heavy objects and USM furniture requiring adapted equipment. Qualidem removal is the insurance of the removal of your company in the best conditions with the respect of the imperatives related to your activity: deadlines, confidentiality etc.

Cheap moving

Moving offices

An office move is an important step in the development of your company.
We do our utmost to ensure that the move goes smoothly: technical visit, audit and advice, planning.

We accompany you every step of the way to make your office move a success.

Relocation of workshops

Our expertise allows us to move your production line and reinstall it in your new premises, while minimising production downtime.

We take care of the dismantling and reassembling of the machines in order to ensure a complete service thanks to our adapted equipment: lifting crane, truck, forklift truck.

Relocation of laboratories

To guarantee a quality service, we take particular care in transporting the most fragile equipment in your laboratory, while taking into account the specific constraints linked to your activity:
- Transfer of laboratory equipment
- Transmission of laboratory data
- Transfer of samples and research equipment

Heavy handling

You have a piano to move, a safe or a boiler to install in the basement and you do not know how to do it. No problem for Qualidem DEMENAGEMENT we have the material and the adequate logistic means the apparatus which we have lifts until 660kg.
For higher weights we use mini cranes and cranes of all sizes up to several tons depending on the project. Nothing could be simpler than calling on the specialists.

School/foundation/humanitarian logistics

Qualidem Demenagement is proud to have transferred many schools in the region which became over time a specialty for us. We accompany the project managers from the beginning to the end of the move and we are used to find solutions by taking into account the various technical aspects of each mission.
We have also exported containers for various foundations or international aid organizations regardless of the country of destination.

removal company archiving


Whether your company is private or for the Canton or the Confederation, we have the appropriate storage solutions for archiving. Indeed that takes much place and the premises are sometimes restricted. To palliate this recurring problem, Qualidem has the solution, we take care of the removal of archive and propose solutions of storage of archive.
A storage solution accessible 24/24 with a flexible and not expensive lease

corporate relocation

Qualidem moving

Qualidem Déménagement understands that relocating a company is radically different from managing a residential move.
Commercial relocations are complex undertakings that require strategic planning, organisation and expert execution.
We have been one of the most reliable business movers in Switzerland for over 20 years. Our qualified team of business relocation experts, skilled commercial movers in Switzerland and knowledgeable moving consultants allows Qualidem Déménagement to ensure that your upcoming commercial move is handled smoothly and efficiently. Whether your office is moving across town or across the world, Qualidem Déménagement has the technology and specialists to ensure that your equipment, data, files and furniture are completely secure.

Know-how at your disposal

With more than 20 years of experience, we accompany you at every stage of your professional move to avoid any source of stress with a predefined schedule.

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In order to draw up a schedule for your company's removal and to find out more about our offers for professionals, you can contact us via the form or call our consultant directly.

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