Removal company Freiburg

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Are you planning a move in Freiburg? Do you not know which service provider to choose from among the many platforms and other unknown companies? Don't worry! Qualidem has been offering a quality service for 20 years, moving Fribourg with assurance and satisfaction of a job well done for your moving project Fribourg 
removal company Fribourg

Price of a removal Freiburg:

From 500 CHF

For your move to Fribourg, we offer a basic package adapted to your needs. Heavy objects, fragile objects, wardrobes, furniture storage: our expert movers take care of your personal effects for a worry-free move.

Your removal agency in Fribourg

Whatever your canton, from the French-speaking part of Switzerland to the German-speaking part, we operate throughout the country in order to provide you with the best removal service. Thanks to our logistical resources, our removal trucks can operate in narrow, complicated and snowy accesses, particularly in locations such as Villars-sur-Glane, les Paccots Châtel-Saint-Denis Bulle Vaulruz Romont Moudon Mézières Marly. Request a removal quote for your Fribourg removal project

Fribourg was founded on a terrace overlooking the Sarine in 1157 by Duke Berthold IV of Zaehringen. During the late Middle Ages, the city came under the authority of the Zaehringens until 1218, the Kiburgs until 1277, the Habsburgs until 1452 before passing to the Savoy.


Removal company Bulle

Eco-responsible moving

We accompany you in your removal project in an eco-responsible way thanks to the use of recycled cardboard boxes but also by reducing the environmental impact of our storage spaces by obtaining the Green Storage Evolution label.

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Removal company Sierre
Moving house is always stressful and requires a lot of organisation. 
Therefore, calling on the services of professional movers in Freiburg will take a considerable weight off your shoulders!
A serene move in all circumstances
Partial moves, national moves, international moves, full service, packing, unpacking. These are the services offered by Qualidem Déménagement's movers in Fribourg.

You have access to a wide range of services, which can be adapted to your needs and budget. Get a free estimate for your move!
Great care is taken in transporting furniture
Dismantling and reassembling furniture is done with the utmost care and professionalism. We carefully pack the furniture with adequate protection. Paintings and valuables are also protected with special boxes and other devices. We are experts in moving fragile and valuable objects, as well as old furniture.
All the necessary means are used to ensure that your move goes smoothly. Our commercial advisers are at your disposal to answer all your requests for a removal estimate Fribourg
Qualidem Déménagement is a company with a long experience and a great know-how. Our employees will accompany you in your removal project. Ask for your free estimate! We are a reference in this sector. And we have in heart to provide you the best service in this matter.

Removal company Freiburg 

Are you moving to Fribourg soon? You don't really know how to go about moving all your furniture? What if you opted for a removal company in Fribourg? We're sure that this is the best solution for you. Ready to learn more? Then stay with us, this is the place to be!

Why use a removal company in Freiburg? 


Do you have a move to make in the city or canton of Fribourg? Don't really know how to go about it? Hiring a mover in Fribourg could be a good idea. Here are the various advantages that this can have:

You will be able to benefit from the guarantees put in place by the agency. Thus, if an item is broken during the move in Fribourg, you can easily obtain compensation.

The movers have the necessary qualifications to carry out this type of mission. As you can probably imagine, they will take your boxes and furniture down from your floor to the truck. They will also take care not to bump into them.

You will save time. Since the movers have the necessary skills, they will know exactly how to take down your various pieces of furniture. This means that emptying your flat or house has never been so quick.

You will be more relaxed. You won't need to hire a truck, or even drive it. It is up to the mover in Freiburg to carry out this task.

As you can see, hiring a Lausanne removal company can really be a good idea. All you have to do is find the one that suits you best.

Removal services in Freiburg offered by Qualidem

A service provider A removal company in Freiburg can also offer different types of services.

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